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God Doesn't Have a P*nis

We as humans have the natural tendency to blame something, some place, an event, our background whatever it is for our current situations. Not realising that our life is what we make of it. 
For a young person, you can say your parents forced you to choose a particular career. Fine that happens but there's always going to be a point where you have to take responsibility for your actions and inactions and at that point you cant keep saying my parents caused this. You have the power to make or mar your beautiful future.

I remember a quote I heard during a mentoring session  it goes;
"When we are young we look like our parents, when we grow old we look like our choices"
God cannot screw you. He can't screw your marvellous future. But he has given in us the ultimate power in the world; CHOICE
Make the most out of your time on Earth, it's Limited.
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The Grass is NOT Greener On The Other Side....

"Someborry" lied you see... The next level you deserve, the success you so much crave for, the money you hope to make, the network you hope to build won't come to you because you believe that If you were lucky enough to just get that extra cash or If you could just go to the networking event or maybe still, If you were born into a richer family perhaps your life will be different.

Truth is, your life is not what you wish of it, it's what you make of it. The grass is not greener on the other side, the grass is greener where you water it.
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Very bland and uninspiring was the choice of words a columnists in a prestigious newspaper used to describe our notable national anthem after hearing a proposal by the delegates of the National Conference to revert to our old anthem. I quite agree with him considering the fact that I've sang it numerous times in my lifetime and I've watched other citizens sing it too with no colour at all.... just take a look at our national team when our anthem is sung.

For my generation of kids who have little or no idea at all of what our old anthem looked like, this post is for you. Look at the rich words used to describe a multi cultural nation filled with proud and patriotic citizens who are aware of our numerous challenges but are willing to build our motherland despite this shortcomings.  NIGERIA WE HAIL THEE!


Nigeria we hail thee, Our own dear native land, Though tribes and tongues may differ, In brotherhood we stand, Nigerians all are proud to serve, Our sovereign Motherland.
Our flag shall be a symbol, That truth and justice reign, In peace or battle honour’d, And this we count as gain, To hand on to our children, A banner without stain.
O God of all creation, Grant this our one request, Help us to build a nation, Where no man is oppressed, And so with peace and plenty, Nigeria may be blessed.

Youth And Nation Building Conference

Clear your schedule and make time to attend this youth conference hosted by SUCCESS WITHIN INTERNATIONAL on the occasion of it's Second Anniversary.

Come with a mindset of an Agent of change.. See you there! 
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A marvelous clutter of Scriptures, with a messed up story

Once there was a man traveling from jericho to Jerusalem and he fell among thorns and it choked him; as he went on, he dint have money, and he met the queen of Sheba, and she gave him a thousand talents of gold and a hundred changes of raiment; he got into a chariot and drove off furiously; when he was driving under a juniper tree, his hair caught on the branch and he hung there many days and night and the ravens brought him food and. Water.

 He ate 5000 loaves of bread and 2 fishes, one night he was hanging there asleep and his wife Delilah came along and cut off his hair, and he dropped and fell on stony ground; but Got up and went on, then it began to rain, and it rained 40days and 40 nights; and he hid himself in a cave and lived on locust and wild honey. Then he met a servant who said, come take supper at my home; but he made an excuse saying 'am sorry I just married, and cant go' but the servant compelled him and he went. 

After supper he went on, and came down to Jericho. When he got there, he looked up and saw queen Jezebel sitting up the window and she laughed at him, and he said 'throw her down' and they threw her down. And he said 'throw her down again'. And they threw her down seventy times seven times. And of the fragments that remained they picked twelve baskets full, beside women and children. And they said blessed are the 'piece makers '. Now whose wife do you think she'll be on the judgement day?''. So much for Bible twisting in Our churches today.

Source: Ravi Zacharias
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INFILTRATION EP Review by JayChordz (@iRapChrist)


The intro beat takes you back to Json's growing pains. 4Runner started with sharing his rap story, started with wack lines, humility there, great one.
"And some told me you are meant to be a pastor or something Because your grandfather and father picked up the call so receive it Like you are God to be choosing Who should preach on the pulpit?"
Pastor, might not mean those who preach on the pulpit alone,
As long as we Christians obey what Matthew 28:19 says, we are indirectly telling all to preach on the pulpit, when you share the good news, and the content says preach the gospel, everywhere including pulpits? You preaching on stages, it’s also part of obeying the great commission
4Runner also emphasizes the drive to always go hard irrespective of anything, he also said he's working on he's grind, that's great, May YHWH help you Bro
He defines infiltration laying emphasis on being unashamed to infiltrate everywhere with the gospel!! (Continue )


Above is a picture of me walking in a flooded street and if perhaps you've lived in  lagos you know this is not an unusual sight. The skill employed in navigating such roads cannot be transferred either by laying of hands or otherwise but by experience.

This roads taught me that even in seemingly overbearing situations and conditions that dont suit us or that are to our disaevantage, know that there is always a way. I found the way to cross that flood by tightroping along a gutter.
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4Runner- Infiltration (official music video)

4runner, the artist who released songs like grateful, No one greater featuring Henrisoul, Infiltration and the take over remix featuring Samnem and Provabs releases a music video for the song Infiltration. This is the official music video for the single off the Infiltration EP which would be released this month.

4runner started enjoying rap music at the age of ten and started composing his own rap songs at the age of fourteen. He is from Delta state and was raised mostly on Lagos state. He got introduced to music from rappers like T-bone and Lecrae while in secondary school. On his graduation day he released a demo titled "stand up" which had five songs.
He continued making music and released grateful which enjoyed a great feedback from listeners and he later worked on other songs. Now he is set to release the EP titled Infiltration which he says was a suggestion from fans and friends. The EP is to be released later in may. watch out for more information.


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4runner is set to release the long awaited infiltration EP on the 27th of may. The EP features Henrisoul, Provabs, Encore (f.k.a Don John), Skweird, Gabri and more.

4runner started enjoying rap music at the age of ten and started composing his own rap songs at the age of fourteen. He is from Delta state and was raised mostly on Lagos state. He got introduced to music from rappers like T-bone and Lecrae while in secondary school. On his graduation day he released a demo titled "stand up" which had five songs.

He continued making music and released grateful which enjoyed a great feedback from listeners and he later worked on other songs. Now he is set to release the EP titled Infiltration which he says was a suggestion from fans and friends.
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Even if Our Government is Inept, at Least......

Even if our government is inept at handling this issue of terrorism and so many other vices currently taking place in Nigeria, at least let them instigate hope and dreams in the people. We know for sure that this issues can't be handled by the government alone there has to be cooperation by we civilians but at least the government should be able to communicate effectively with the Nigerian public. as Mr. minabere ibelema rightly said, When there is a tragedy or insecurity, leaders face a delicate balance between assuring the people and conveying the magnitude of the challenge. Jonathan’s greatest shortfall with regard to Boko Haram is in failing in the latter. But personally I believe the government fails in both ; we are definitely not assured that this menace will end and we really aren't told the magnitude of the issues all we observe is an attempt to downplay the situation on ground until there is media scrutiny. (Continue reading)
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Nigerian Religious Junk (Part 2)

In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping. 2 Peter 2:3

This article was originally written (here), the truth in it is so deep I decided to share here. Please read it with understanding.

The result of this phenomenon of personal-to-holder churches has been the selective nature of church discipline. You do not discipline a Sangoma (i.e. witchdoctor)—or a chief! It is a known fact, even among the church members, that a number of these pastors have serious moral problems. However, “you do not touch the Lord’s anointed” and so they are not disciplined, even when they have impregnated girls in the church. One such anointed one in Zambia changed wives three times through divorce in less than six months and still remains the apostle of his church. To be fair, this man is a Zambian, but he has imbibed this personal-to-holder phenomenon from Nigeria. There must be accountability from everyone in the church—including the church pastor.

Yet another characteristic of this phenomenon which is particularly African is the craze for titles. We Africans love titles! Once upon a time, evangelical pastors were content to simply be called pastors. Terms like “bishop” were left to those who had an Episcopalian system of church government, which was a formal structure that rose to national and global level. Alas, that has now changed! With the advent of this Nigerian religious junk, it is titles galore! You now have bishops, arch-bishops, prophets, apostles, chief apostles, etc. Some are not even content with that and so have combinations like, “chief apostle prophet doctor so-and-so.” This is certainly very different from the teaching and personal lifestyle of the Lord Jesus Christ whom they claim to serve. (Continue reading).....
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Nigerian Religious Junk! (Part 1)

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.  You will recognize them by their fruits... So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit…Thus you will recognize them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:15-20).

This post was written originally (here) I loved the truth in it and decided to repost It here. Please read and understand.

I begin this blog by apologising to all my Nigerian brothers and sisters for its title. At first sight it is rather offensive, but I hope that as you read on you will see why I elected to still use it as a title. As nations or tribes or social groupings we take on a certain characteristic that is not true about each person in the group but which we come to be identified with. Hence, Paul could write, “One of the Cretans, a prophet of their own, said, ‘Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons.’ This testimony is true. Therefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith” (Titus 1:12-13). In the same way, we tend to (rightly or wrongly) identify Americans with arrogance, Kenyans with marathon running prowess, West Africans with fraudulent activities, Afrikaners with racism, etc.

I have just returned from a consultative meeting in South Africa where the first day was spent surveying the spiritual state of the countries in the southern African sub-region. Central to all this was the state of evangelicalism in all these countries. Nation after nation reported on the arrival of “Nigerian religious junk” that was changing the landscape of what there once was of evangelicalism. One or two of the countries were blessed exceptions. Evidently, this junk originated from mega-churches in the USA and then found ready soil in West Africa, and especially in Nigeria. Having given it an African flavour, it is now being exported across Africa at a phenomenal rate. (Continue reading)
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This is The Definition of Happiness!

This I believe depicts what true happiness is. JOY derived not from having much But in spite of having little. Joy derived not from comfort But in spite of deep discomfort.  Situationless Joy!

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When The Context is Removed.........

When the context of a thing is removed, it becomes a pretext. A pretext meaning a reason given in justification of a course of action that is not the real reason (google it). This definition will help in understanding where i'm coming from and where i'm going to.

Modern Christianity especially in Pentecostalism here in Nigeria and also in the world at large, is characterized by preachers and teachers quoting the bible out of context; out of the original meaning and intent the writer had in mind and  this is done in order to justify selfish points by whoever is misquoting that scripture at that time or probably just a sheer misunderstanding of the Bible. This issue of misquoting the Bible is a very grave thing as heresies and blasphemies have been proclaimed intentionally and unintentionally because of misunderstanding or sheer neglect. 

A good example of something i've heard is this; Someone said masturbation is not a sin and was asked why? and he said the Bible said so. hmmmm... He was asked where in the Bible was it said and he said "The bible said whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all thy might..."  So, he implies that if your hand should find that place, c'mon give it all you got...  LOOL!!! :) That's the sickest thing i've ever heard. It is funny to hear such but this stems up from the ideas that preachers have infused in us by heavily nailing Jesus back to cross via the scriptural backing they give to certain statements.. I'm very sure you have heard a lot of em if you are like me.

The solution: We all should try as much as possible to understand the scenario, the Who, When, What and To Whom of a particular scripture. Do not rely on "My pastor said  this, my Pastor said that" people have eaten grass due to such. A lot of Emphasis has been put on reading the Bible, which is fine but more should be put on reading the Bible within its context. 
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'M' is for the millions she's given me,
'O' means that she's only ours,
'T' is for the tears she shed to save me,
'H' is for her heart of purest gold,
'E' is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
'R' means right, and right she will always be,
Put them all together they spell 'MOTHER'
A word that means the world to me.

To the best mother in the world:
Sending me to school every morning
Cleaning up the house for us
Shopping, cooking, helping
Planning my family’s busy schedule.

In my eyes, she’s nothing less than a Superwoman
The kind, gentle lady whose patient nurture
Guided from birth to my first few steps,
To those “troubling” teenage years,
Who will continue to do so forever.
This Superwoman will never cease to stop loving me
And although I may not show it

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Is there something you want to tell someone, Do it now.
Is there something you want to give someone, Do it now.
Is there someone you want to appreciate,Do it now.

Life is Short..

(PS:Today Happens to be my Birthday)

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100 Things I know to be True(Final Part).... #100Things

It's the last of it all.
100 Things I Know to be True!
Here Goes;

#91.  God does not want us to build magnificent places of worship while our brothers and sisters are homeless

#92.  10 children can not play together for 10 years, talk more of 20.

#93.  I've always wanted to study in Canada

#94.  When God writes your love story, if you wait, It'd be more than you ever dreamed of.

#95.  P=IV=I2R=V2/R

#96.  Makeup does not really make people look beautiful. It's like putting mud water in a flashy wine bottle

#97.  If you don't love someone, don't say you do.

#98.  Never make promises when happy or decisions when angry.

#99.  Tomorrow is the BIRTHDAY of the bestest senior brother in the world!! and prime author of this blog. So don't forget to send in your wishes, famz small, (ps; cake dey) #turnup in his room!.. Dm @iweanyawrites for more details

#100. I know that today would make a best moment in the last 18 (yh! 18) years of my life and I can't thank God enough for that!!! #Turnup! (Today's my Birthday!)
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100 Things I know to be True(Part 9).... #100Things

So the list continues....
100 Things I Know To Be True....Enjoy!
I know that;

#81.  I am overly excited about my 18th birthday on the 18th of march! *blushes*

#82.  Our parents will always be the best thing that has happened to us.

#83.  St. Veronica did wipe the face of Jesus on the way to Calvary.

#84.  Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become.

#85.  You should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you’ll see them.

#86.  God is omniscient

#87.  No matter how good a friend is, they’re going to hurt you every once in a while, and you must forgive them for that.

#88.  Social networks nowadays do more harm than good.

#89.  It's best to be nice

#90.  I am Catholic and proud!

Don't forget to write what you know to be true in the comment box or tweet using #100Things
(@iweanyawrites or @C_ronn ) and your truth would definitely help complete my list!
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100 Things I know to be True(Part 8).... #100Things

And the list continues...

100 Things I know to be True....
I know that;
#71.  Everyday is yet another chance to change the direction of your life and the relationships in it.

#72.  There is much I don’t know or understand and probably never will. And that’s okay.

#73.  A real apology is one that has no ‘buts’.

#74.  It’s all about perspective - change the way you look at things & you’ll see things you’ve never seen before.-(like a husband in an annoying coursemate!)

#75.  My hair is black-brown-red-ginger-golden, my tooth is broken and I love to be described as stick-thin.

#76.  Sometimes, love truly isn’t enough – and yet, love is all we really have.

#77.  I know that there are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 12 months in a year. But it never seems to be enough time to figure out who you are.

One Drink is Never Just One Drink.

People care about one another a lot more than they let on. 

#80.  In the end, it’s not about the awards you got, the money you made, the things you bought. It’s about the EXPERIENCES you had. The lives you touched. The smiles you shared. How you made someone feel. Whether you followed your heart and dreams. Live authentically.

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100 Things I know to be True(Part 7).... #100Things

So the list continues..

Here goes,
100 Things I know to be true..

#61.  The sooner you do something, the more of your life you get to spend with that thing done

#62.  Love is damned scary and it’s okay to proceed with caution

#63.  If you smile at someone, they smile back at you. Smiles bring the world together

#64.  All the details of famous celebrities, actors, singers etc. will never help me in the future (Unless I'm on a quiz show where I win a ton of money)

#65.  Life is going to punch you in the face, punch it in the face back!

#66.  The world is filled with many heartbreaking moments, but if you only concentrate on those, then the dark cloud will always be above your head.

#67.  Just because it’s a socially accepted norm, doesn’t make it the right choice for you.

#68.  Life is not fair. It may never be fair.

#69.  There's no end to learning.

#70.  I've got big problems , but I've got a BIGGER GOD.!

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100 Things I know to be True(Part 6).... #100Things

And the list continues...

Here goes..

100 Things I know to be true..

#51.  . The bad news is that time flies, the good news is that you're the pilot. @Natha_iyka

#52.   Do not compare your weaknesses to other people's strength. @Natha_iyka

#53.   I might have hurt your feelings but if you don't tell me I'll never know. @Natha_iyka

#54.  I was created for a purpose.

#55.  The world has not seen what great art can do.

#56.  We need more poetry and less prose, more art and less advertising.

#57.  You can make money without doing evil.... Google

#58.  I can repurpose everything I feel, experience and observe into my writing – and it’s cathartic.

#59.  Put on your own oxygen mask first.

#60.  Love anyway, Even when you don’t want to; especially when you don’t want to; even when it feels impossible.

Don't forget to send in yours too!  #100 Things @C_ronn   @iweanyawrites
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100 Things I know to be True(Part 5).... #100Things

Here's numbers 41 to 50.... 100 Things I know to be true...
Thanks to a close friend of mine ;)...
Here goes..

#41.   worry is the misuse of imagination... @Natha_iyka

#42.   maths doesn't suck but I still prefer languages...@Natha_iyka

#43.   the world has enough celebrities it could use a few more saints...@Natha_iyka

#44.   when the going gets tough the tough gets going..@Natha_iyka

#45.   puppies are the cutest!...@Natha_iyka

#46.   I totally agree with -"the brain is a miracle"...@Natha_iyka

#47.   prayer fixes everything...@Natha_iyka

#48.   if u didn't watch Tom and Jerry or Lion King as a child then you didn't even have a childhood...@Natha_iyka

#49.   I love inspirational books...@Natha_iyka

#50.   I would do ANYTHING for my mother!...@Natha_iyka

Don't forget to send in yours too!  #100 Things @C_ronn   @iweanyawrites


You must have seen modern roommates 1 but modern roommates 2 takes you to a world of hilarious possibilties as a comedian and a rapper engage in a rap battle. Modern roommates2 enjoy! and please don't laugh :)
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100 Things I Know to be True (Part 4)..... #100Things

*Drum roll*....
And the list continues...

100 Things I know to be True....

I know that;

#31.You really shouldn't say 'I love you' unless you mean it, and when you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget.

#32. Sunrise is a gift.

#33. The 1st to 3rd law of thermodynamics is true.

#34.  There are certain things in life that will always make me upset: Feeling used. Being lied to. Being blown off. Being interrupted. Broken promises. Watching my friends get hurt. 

#35.  Family and friendship are without question most important things in life and should be cherished deeply. I know there are a handful of people in this world who would take a bullet for me and vise versa. I know that there will always be people who love and support me.

#36.  We are never given more than we can handle.

#37.  There's always three sides to every story, the first person's, the second, and the truth.

#38.  The tongue has no bones, but it's strong enough to break a heart.

#39.  Holding a grudge is letting someone live rent-free in your head.

#40.  Grades don't measure intelligence and age doesn't define maturity
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100 Things I know to be True (Part 3)... #100Things

Here Goes...
100 Things I know to be true...

I know that;

#21.  Even the last bit can be shared.

#22.  I try my very best to keep my promises and I admire those who do.

#23.  Math is easy and Languages suck!

#24.  Love is a choice, and must be chosen each day by both individuals, especially on the days that you don’t feel like loving or being loved.

#25.  Every day, when I feel like pulling away, there's always someone to remind me to reach out instead.

#26.  Toothaches are among the most painful feelings in the world.

#27.  Albert Einstein once said," All of science is nothing more than the refinement of everyday thinking.”

#28.  Our society is moving faster than our ability to adapt to its changes.

#29.  One day, A woman would rule Nigeria.

#30.  Happy girls are the prettiest - @datKDgirl #100Things

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What Ofili Said about The Centenary Celebration @Ofilispeaks

I've been off Nigerian News for a while because i'm totally tired of the phenomenon called "Nigeria". I think we're jokers and our leaders are the chief jokers. We recently just celebrated 100 years which was quite controversial especially with the names of awardees. Below is what a mentor of mine wrote about the celebration in exactly the same way he wrote it.
"This is not a joke…The Nigerian Presidential Committee recognizes Ibrahim Badmusi Babangida and Sani Abacha as…drum roll…
“Outstanding promoters of unity, patriotism and national development” for their centenary awards.
What the flying f***!!!
Like really are we living in a country of forgetful clowns. They are not just considered “Ordinary promoters” they are “OUTSTANDING promoters.”
Our government is clueless…I am sorry. And Ken Saro-wiwa’s name is not even listed there! F*** the entire Presidential Committee on the centenary. You guys are idiots for insulting Nigerians with that list."
I agree with him. 

100 Things I know to be True (Part 2)... #100Things

So the list continues....
100 Things I Know To Be True....

I know that;

#11.  Heaven is real, as well as hell.

#12.  Chimamanda Adichie was right when she said “A man who would be intimidated by me is exactly the kind of man I would have no interest in”

#13.  Relationships are 100:100 partnership, Not 50:50.

#14.  Guys cry.

#15.  Nigeria is a beautiful nation.

#16.  Looks aren’t everything, if you do not believe, ask Cameron Russell.

#17.  Harry Potter is a literature masterpiece of all time.

#18.  Poetry is definitely romantic.

#19.  Sometimes, all one needs, is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.

#20.  The best way to spell love is G-I-V-E.

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100 Things I know to be true (Part 1).... #100Things

Here's a list I've since planned on putting together 14 days from now, a year ago. 100 is quite a number, as well as the amount of truth in this world, and with the help of you, i hope to complete it in time. Here's how it goes, you could write what you know to be true in the comment box or tweet using #100Things (@iweanyawrites or @C_ronn ) and your truth would definitely help complete my list ;) It could be about anything, really, anything!, ranging from your favourite food to your best moments to science to gymnasts to poetry to shoe sizes! anything at all!!!. Feel free to share your opinions and idiosyncrasies as well as enjoy reading mine.

So Here's 100 Things I Know To Be True (Part 1).....

I Know that

#1.  God's love is the only kind that never hurts.

#2.  Family is the best form of relationship ever!

#3.  Sarah Kay definitely has super powers when it comes to words.

#4.  Holding hands are sometimes much more cuter than hugs and kisses.

#5.  I love people who listen to their loved ones.

#6.  People change, even it takes them 10 years or a broken leg.

#7.  Some hide a lot from speaking the truth out loud because at times there's no one to listen.

#8.  No-one is capable of true love without knowing the Author of true love.

#9.  A rape victim is never at fault.

#10.  Everyone, boy or girl, is BEAUTIFUL!

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Boys Who Write...

This is a spoken word poetry I've been dying to post since. Inspired by a friend of mine and of course, numerous spoken word poetry i recently listened to, So here's to the under-appreciated or over-loved sweet and romantic boys who write to their loved ones!

Boys who Write
It was a usual conversation,
A dude had walked past,
and the usual 'ooooh!'s followed him behind,
quiet, I sat, pondering why
lost in my thoughts, I heard
'what type of guy do you prefer?'
frightened, eyes moved east and west almost instantly,
Did that really need an answer?
I shrunk on my seat,
the air must have left the room, I thought,
but the windows were wide ajar!,
with the courage of a 17-year old, I found my voice saying,
'' I like boys with packs and chiseled hands,
A twinkling in their eyes,
and a Cross-of-Jesus on their necks,
large hands and white teeth,
and all those teeny little bits
But mostly,
I prefer a Boy who Writes!"  (Continue Reading)
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I woke up this morning with "Run Away" playing in my mind, I even wonder why. Then i just remembered the days of STYL PLUS when they were a music brand to be reckoned with, their vocals was just on point. They were good. Though they aren't together again today, below are my best STYL PLUS tracks ever....

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15 Points To Consider...

1. Never compare your weaknesses to other people's strengths.

2. Own your life, or someone will own it for you.

3.  We cannot change the cards we are dealt,just how we play the hand.

4. Climb mountains not so the world can see you but so you can see the world.

5. If you accept your limitation, you go beyond them.

6. Comfort is the enemy of achievement. (Continue Reading)

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The Type....

Once again, I've gotten the Spoken Word fever from Sarah Kay. Here's a poem, though written by me, inspired by Sarah Kay's The Type. Enjoy!

If you want to grow up the type of man, women want to look at....
You can let them look at you,
your curves and edges,
your packs and abs...
But don't mistake eyes for affection,
for eyes see the ordinary,
but affection sees beyond the ordinary,
they see pain,
they see tears,
they see joy, 
they see love...

If you want to grow up the type of man, women want to touch....
You can let them touch you,
like a picture, you could sit still
like a stuffed animal, you could give warmth
like a lover, you could be good company
but don't mistake touches for care...
for to them, you might only be a picture, a stuffed animal or a lover

If you want to grow up the type of man, women want to hold....
You can let them hold you,
so tight they do not want to leave,
with their soft hands pressing against your tough skin,
making them feel that sometimes,
holding hands are better than hugs and kisses,
that sometimes all one needs to do to show love,
is to hold a hand

If you want to grow up the type of man, women want to be with...
You can let them be with you,
but never forget, they want to be with a man
not a player,
not a dreamer,
but a doer
Show them who a man really is,
beyond curves and edges, packs and abs
beyond tough skin, lies a good heart
and patience
and care
and concern

If you want to grow up the type of man, a woman wants to love
Don't just let her love you,
Show her true love,
go to lengths,
send her notes, that way she knows you are thinking of her
rent the flower shop, that way she never gets lonely,
look at her,
touch her,
hold her,
be with her,
show her that all she always needed,
was love, true, pure, blessed
like a gardenia,
obscure of what's around,
like a camera view finder,
looking for her,
to stand in its middle,
like its lens,
focusing on her,
with all your might,
living for her,
because she's your tomorrow,
Let her know, without doubt....
You're the Type!!
Monday 20 January 2014 0 comments


The decision of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to criminalize same-sex relationships and gay rights groups  with penalties of up to 14 years in prison is actually a case of misplaced priorities and lack of direction. 
Personally I believe that ones sexual orientation is not the business of the Government because i dont see how that affects the Government in any way. Being gay is wrong and thats an act i dont only find repulsive but also very abnormal but should that deserve a 14 year sentence??

Its just like jailing someone for masturbating or sleeping with another man's wife with her consent. Afterall this are all wrong acts so whats the special brouhaha about gayism??
If a former Governor could be granted state pardon after stealing Billions of tax payers money you can now see how we have serious priority problems.

There are more serious issues to deal with in this nation and a lot of sectors are upside down so i really dont see why gays being jailed solves any problem!