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Boys Who Write...

This is a spoken word poetry I've been dying to post since. Inspired by a friend of mine and of course, numerous spoken word poetry i recently listened to, So here's to the under-appreciated or over-loved sweet and romantic boys who write to their loved ones!

Boys who Write
It was a usual conversation,
A dude had walked past,
and the usual 'ooooh!'s followed him behind,
quiet, I sat, pondering why
lost in my thoughts, I heard
'what type of guy do you prefer?'
frightened, eyes moved east and west almost instantly,
Did that really need an answer?
I shrunk on my seat,
the air must have left the room, I thought,
but the windows were wide ajar!,
with the courage of a 17-year old, I found my voice saying,
'' I like boys with packs and chiseled hands,
A twinkling in their eyes,
and a Cross-of-Jesus on their necks,
large hands and white teeth,
and all those teeny little bits
But mostly,
I prefer a Boy who Writes!"  (Continue Reading)