Tuesday 13 May 2014

Even if Our Government is Inept, at Least......

Even if our government is inept at handling this issue of terrorism and so many other vices currently taking place in Nigeria, at least let them instigate hope and dreams in the people. We know for sure that this issues can't be handled by the government alone there has to be cooperation by we civilians but at least the government should be able to communicate effectively with the Nigerian public. as Mr. minabere ibelema rightly said, When there is a tragedy or insecurity, leaders face a delicate balance between assuring the people and conveying the magnitude of the challenge. Jonathan’s greatest shortfall with regard to Boko Haram is in failing in the latter. But personally I believe the government fails in both ; we are definitely not assured that this menace will end and we really aren't told the magnitude of the issues all we observe is an attempt to downplay the situation on ground until there is media scrutiny. (Continue reading)

Our government should take a cue from Winston Churchill the British prime minister during world war 2, he made a very powerful speech to the british people that awakened their hope. it goes thus:

"we have to ask ourselves this question: Will the bombing attacks come back again? We have proceeded on the assumption that they will. Many new arrangements are being contrived as a result of the hard experience through which we have passed and the many mistakes which no doubt we have made — for success is the result of making many mistakes and learning from experience.…

“We do not expect to hit without being hit back, and we intend with every week that passes to hit harder. Prepare yourselves, then, my friends and comrades, for this renewal of your exertions.

“We shall never turn from our purpose, however sombre the road, however grievous the cost, because we know that out of this time of trial and tribulation will be born a new freedom and glory for all mankind."

He conveyed the reality of the situation and also communicated a genuine desire to be victorious. 


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