Tuesday 11 March 2014

100 Things I know to be True(Part 7).... #100Things

So the list continues..

Here goes,
100 Things I know to be true..

#61.  The sooner you do something, the more of your life you get to spend with that thing done

#62.  Love is damned scary and it’s okay to proceed with caution

#63.  If you smile at someone, they smile back at you. Smiles bring the world together

#64.  All the details of famous celebrities, actors, singers etc. will never help me in the future (Unless I'm on a quiz show where I win a ton of money)

#65.  Life is going to punch you in the face, punch it in the face back!

#66.  The world is filled with many heartbreaking moments, but if you only concentrate on those, then the dark cloud will always be above your head.

#67.  Just because it’s a socially accepted norm, doesn’t make it the right choice for you.

#68.  Life is not fair. It may never be fair.

#69.  There's no end to learning.

#70.  I've got big problems , but I've got a BIGGER GOD.!

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