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For several days, my boss remained at the hospital and his condition only got worse. He had been in intense coma for three (3) days. The doctor’s report had not been too helpful as the Chief Medical Officer clearly stated that he couldn’t identify what the problem was. As difficult as it was, I had to start rendering prayers on his behalf.
At work, gossip spread like wild fire around the various members of staff. Some stated that he was into occultpractices and his sins were catching up with him, others said that he had been cheating on his wife since he became CEO and his judgement day had arrived while very few stated that his mean attitude towards me was responsible for his sudden attack.
“You serve a living God!” one of my colleagues whispered at me early in the morning, during work hours. I pondered on what she said for a while before continuing with my duties. One month into the CEO’s stay at the hospital, the company received a call stating that his condition had become far worse than expected and that he was very close to the grave. Without holding any board meeting, the Managing director of Topaz Consultants insisted that every member of the office go and see him that day. The drive to the hospital was faster than expected.

On getting to the hospital, the state of Mr Akanbi- My boss was a terrible sight to behold. He had a gray and disgusting substance coming out of his mouth, nose, eyes and ears and the smell was simply horrific. As soon as we stepped into the office, he opened his eyes slightly causing some of us to step back in fear. And then, the most ridiculous thing happened; my boss began to cough profusely. A quick call was made to the doctor who rushed into the room wondering what the problem was. As he made efforts to check him, Mr Akanbimade moves signalling that the doctor should stop.
At that point, he began to make funny confessions about how he wanted to make my life miserable until I killed myself. I simply stared in shock. “Why would you want to do that to an innocent man like me?” I whispered gently in tear.
Still coughing, he responded in pain “I wanted to get even after the slap you gave me when we were in school”. At that point, I recalled who he was and what had happened while we were in school.
Before I could respond, Mr Akanbi gave up the ghost.

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The rapper who took his music career seriously at the age of 14 is set to release a new song after two singles that he has already released. The rapper released a demo CD on his graduation day from secondary school, he released a song titled “grateful” which got a lot of positive responses. He also released “no one greater” in June this year, featuring award winning and talented singer Henrisoul. “No one greater” also got positive responses and was featured on a lot of blogs and was voted as number one on the gospel music naija top 5 countdown. The sky is not the limit and without relenting 4runner is set to release “infiltration” which he says would bring changes with its positive message stating his mission and also discussing some issues like hypocrisy in the church.

The production of the song was done by a talented producer and student of Redeemers University known as “Don John”. The production was creatively packaged. Don John has produced songs like "no one else by" Judith and "grateful" by BeeMoses 4runner is currently a student of Covenant university. this is more than music, enjoy “infiltration”.
Twitter: @4_runner116, @iamdonjohn
Facebook: 4runner
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New Song Titled #infiltration coming JULY 25TH by 4runner

The rapper who took his music career seriously at the age of 14 and who has released two singles so far,”grateful” and “no one greater” featuring henrisoul is set to release another song. The new song is titled infiltration and it was produced by the talented producer known as Don John. Don john has produced songs like “no one else” by Judith and “grateful” by BeeMoses. The song is set to be released on the 25th of July.
4runner says infiltration is not just music but a wake up call to both Christians and non Christians. The song talks about some real issues that occur and how hypocrisy has been a problem in the church. This song is one you will not be disappointed to hear. So watch out for infiltration.


I just voiced my opinion on what i think about our politicians and their way of thinking.....
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Maybe I should have taken my CEO’s words more seriously but then I didn’t really understand what he meant. Although his face looked familiar, I couldn’t figure out where we had met.
Two (2) weeks into the job, I was already frustrated. My boss made life a living hell for me. At the slightest mistake, he would shout at me; even when I did the right thing, he would say it wasn’t good enough. In fact, he found fault in every-thing I did regardless of how much effort I put into it. I left work angry every single day and it became a concern to my mother. I already thought of quitting one (1) month into the job; it was that bad.
However, knowing how difficult it was for me to get the job, I exercised patience. Every night, I would cry at the thought of how terrible my day at work was and how worse it was going to be the next day. At work, I lost focus and it began to reflect in my duties causing my boss to shout at me even more.

One particular day, my boss asked me to serve him coffee early in the morning. Recalling how he always disliked the taste of my coffee, I took my time to prepare the coffee ensuring that the sugar was just enough. After serving the hot coffee, I walked into his office calmly acting like we were best friends. As soon as I approached him, I bent to place the coffee on his table when I tripped and ended up pouring the hot coffee on him and the papers arranged on his table. You should have seen the way he screamed at me like as if I had just killed his mother. I was almost in tears but didn’t want to further embarrass myself and so kept mute while he rained insults and abuses on me. Then to crown it, he landed a slap on my face. The slap was so loud that I’m sure the entire office must have heard it. It took a kind of grace for me not to lift up my hands against him. At this point, the tears began to roll.

The following days became far more horrible than I could imagine. To pass across instructions for me, he screamed at me and hit me at any available instance. Eventually, my boss became a prayer point that I had presented to God. For a while, it felt like my prayers were not leaving the roof of my office or my house. My boss only got worse in his actions towards me.
Two (2) weeks after the slap that I had received from my boss, something unusual happened. He requested that I go and get some files from the next office which took a little while. By the time I returned to him, he was sprouting on the floor.
“Oh my God!” I muttered as I rushed to call a nearby hospital.

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New track by 4runner :One man cypher+ shout out+ LOL

4runner, a rapper with a positive message and a Christ Ambassador drops the piece he titled "one man cypher+shout out+lol". The rapper who has released two singles titled "grateful" and "no one greater" featuring singer,henrisoul drops a fun track. He did a one verse rap with a positive message, gave shout outs and put a bit of humor. So listen and enjoy, remember joy is a fruit of the spirit. Gal 5:22. Have a laugh.


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EVEN - Episode Two

Ten (10) years later

I had been searching for a job as long as I could remember and it was the most horrible feeling ever. Let me try and explain; I had been to fifteen (15) different companies and all of them had the same reply “You don’t have the potential to be employed in our company”. The words tore my heart into two and always left me in tears. I’m a 1st Class student of Banking and Finance from a reputable university and yet can’t secure a job in any company I apply to. How more terrible could my life get???
“Mama, I’m tired of life” I voiced out in tears to my mother
With a dim light on her face, she responded “Kenechukwu Osita! Don’t worry, God is in charge”
Somehow, I felt like I had a curse on my head that was responsible for all the bad luck and misfortune in my life. Day after day, night after night, I would spend in tears wondering what I did to deserve a slap on my heart. This went on for a while until one blessed morning while I was thinking of what to feast on for the day; I received a mail asking me to come for an interview in a company that I didn’t apply to. It seemed mysterious but somehow, I decide to see the finger of God in it all.

I dressed up the next day and found my way to Topaz Consultants Ltd. It was the best interview ever as nobody tackled me and for some reason it felt like the job had been reserved for me. Two (2) weeks later, I received a letter of appointment asking me to come and commence as the personal assistant to the Chief Executive Officer with a salary of half a million for starting.
 “Oh my God!” I muttered as I embraced my mother with joy written all over my face. In one second, God had changed my luck; things were already looking better.
I resumed work the next day and was introduced to the CEO instantly.
“Good morning Sir!” I greeted in a fine baritone voice.
With a sheepish smile, he responded “Good morning!”
There was something familiar about his face but I just couldn’t place my finger on it.  I was still thinking deeply on these things when his voice jerked me back to reality

“Welcome to Topaz Consultants where individuals get EVEN!!!”
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A short drama clip directed by nwaka miraculous (4runner). it portrays a bit of the lifestyle of modern boarding housemates. its a clip that secondary and university students can relate to. it is brief and contains humor. Enjoy modern roommates.



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Video: 4runner and Dr Sankty; a day in the 17-17 audio lab

This is a video clip of the upcoming rapper called 4runner, making music in the recording studio known as the 17-17 audio lab. this video also shows Dr Sankty, one of the prominent gospel producers. the 17-17 audio lab has hosted artistes like Provabs, Simi, Samnem e.t.c. it is located in Yaba.
 4runner and Dr Sankty also talk about 4runners coming single, Elepayomi. The video shows the process of it's making. Watch and Enjoy!
follow 4runner on twitter:@4_runner116 and Dr Sankty: @drsankty


Ten (10) years ago

Professor Okolo peered through his glasses at his students as he awaited an answer to the question that he had posed earlier. After a few minutes, his voice bellowed through the class as he spoke “Doesn’t anybody know the definition of Wage Solidarism??” After a fruitless search, he pointed at a male student who seemed like he was trying his best to avoid answering the question. Fidgeting, the young lad arose as he whispered some words which nobody could hear.
“Speak loudly” Professor Mukoro responded angrily.
“Sir I don’t know the answer” the male student replied gently.
“You should be ashamed of yourself, I have defined Wage solidarism more than fifty times in this class” Professor voiced in a loud and grieved tone.
“Sorry Sir” the male student whispered with his eyes fixed on the floor.
“Sorry for yourself....Does anybody want to help him out for a reward from me” Professoror Mukoro asked with a sheepish smile on his face.

At that point, a hand shot up. It was another male student. At the nudge of Professor Mukoro, he stood up and answered “Wage Solidarism can simply be defined as equalizing wage across all skill and seniority level”. His intelligent answer was followed by a round of applause from the class. With excitement, the lecturer urged him to come to the front of the class with the other student who had failed the question.
“Now time for my reward” Professor Mukoro voiced in a mysterious tone.
“Yes Sir!” the student who answered the question correctly replied.
“Please slap this lad for not responding to my question correctly” Professor continued as he pointed to the student that had failed to attempt his question.
“But Sir, I can’t”
“Well if you don’t, I will slap you or tell him to slap you”
This is madness the student thought as he spoke “Alright sir”.
Turning to the student who was to receive the slap he whispered “I’m sorry” and gave him the hottest slap of his life that caused him to stagger.