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INFILTRATION EP Review by JayChordz (@iRapChrist)


The intro beat takes you back to Json's growing pains. 4Runner started with sharing his rap story, started with wack lines, humility there, great one.
"And some told me you are meant to be a pastor or something Because your grandfather and father picked up the call so receive it Like you are God to be choosing Who should preach on the pulpit?"
Pastor, might not mean those who preach on the pulpit alone,
As long as we Christians obey what Matthew 28:19 says, we are indirectly telling all to preach on the pulpit, when you share the good news, and the content says preach the gospel, everywhere including pulpits? You preaching on stages, it’s also part of obeying the great commission
4Runner also emphasizes the drive to always go hard irrespective of anything, he also said he's working on he's grind, that's great, May YHWH help you Bro
He defines infiltration laying emphasis on being unashamed to infiltrate everywhere with the gospel!! (Continue )

Like Omari (Rap is deep , Poetry is deeper) said , judge a tape by the Intro.
The beat on the intro track is way that 
The classic piece resonates in your ears as it ushers 
The brass sound makes some great bass line for the strings synths to lay on, preceding the awesome drum rolls signatured to the producer Encore! 
The horns set that anticipation 
The hi hats , gives you that tempo 
The "eh"chants on almost low volume,keep the listeners in check , like hey I'm talking infiltration here .
The piano rolls transitioning from left to right gives that feeling of happiness , waiting to know what comes next 
Not to forget the banging 808s well sequenced to flow with the drum rolls and as a landing for the hi hats 
The reverb effect between 0:58 and 1:00, adds some sci~fi effects to the whole mix
Shout out to Encore! for making this beat to rock !!! Says it all from the man 4Runner 

Great sample “Praise the lord, I saw the light” from Hank Williams’ song – “I saw the light”
The state of every being before salvation
He emphasizes on the love God’s got for mankind
This track, explains how Christ brings one to his limelight.
At the end of the track, He reminds us of that drive that’s undying to infiltrate , to speak his new seen light in the dark places.

The sample "praise The Lord”,by Hank Williams comes in with marching chords , Yeah really we marching to go infiltrate . 
The square wave ocarina like sound takes up that captain role , commanding in the solemn strings would have been nicer if it came in with volume increasing gradually from the first time it sounded in the song 00:07
Well crafted sample 
Great instrumental . 
The heavy sounding bass allows the horns to really sound cool , not leaving out the guitar runs on the track 
The mid frequency hats 
The chorus well taken.
It gives the song a clam feel. Could be a reading song 
The producer DJ Nobong did a great job

Here He talks about many Christians, giving excuses for not preaching the Gospel .
Some scriptural examples in the lyrics would have been great , I ain’t saying you make it a sermon bro, but I hope you dig
 He also rapped about himself focused on repping Christ with rap, like my twitter handle @iRapChrist .
Yeah, not forgetting a group which we happen to be members of . YWAP – Youth with A purpose
The Purpose here is representing Christ .
 Even the instrumentals by Skweird , focused on the saw tooth wave form, to cut off every obstacle #OkBye.
He also talks about temptation that keeps calling. Ladies especially,
He talks about our race leaving the faith we were once called unto (“White Man’s Faith-Christianity”), to focus on all the Lustful things of the world (money, sex, fame, clothes, cars)

The first 5 seconds puts you in a suspense 
Great rasta intro it's some turnt intro 
Cool chants at the intro for a dance beat 
The robot effect on the sentence "I'm focused " goes perfect with the saw-wave sound.
The beat is awesomely crafted
The saw tooth wave form used at the hook really gives that feel of hitting the cray button like family force 5.
The producer really showed his skills at the end of the track , 
The reggae , mix at the end of the track really gives that . Focused feel not caring whatever anyone is thinking 
Benjah will kill this beat of he gets to jump on it 
The mix of Yoruba language with roots from ancient Land of Ile Ife 
give the instrumental a splendid 
I'll call it The Perfect Instrumental
Shout out to Skweird for making this hit !t
Keep hitting the Cray button Bro !!!

Trone Comes in telling us how he aint ever ashamed of sharing the lords goodness,
“Speak about your love and the wonders that you did If I wrote a wall full of psalm and songs If all the hairs on my head were tongues If every grain of sand on the beach was a song It won’t scratch the fact that you sent your son”
 I’ll summarize this by saying aint no words to explain , not even a thousand tongues . Thuis Verse has got some deep roots in the Scriptures .
Trone ends this track with the great verse “For we overcome by the words of our testimony” Remember that’s track in Micah Stampley’s One Voice album , also repeated in Tye Tribbet’s Greater than album . Overcome.
 A remix with any of these two artists will be great.
The Hook got Abrizzle on it I guess,
 Abrizzle tells us here by mixing languages,”I will sing aloud all day , I will testify all day .I will shout all day .) ” The life of a Psalmist, The diary of a Psalmist (Marvin Sapp) A Short hook with deep content.
4Runner tells us about some day with no meal , I’ll just use this line from Marvin Sapp . “I’ve had my share of ups and downs, Times when there was no one around…”
He also says he’ll Keep praising till the day he touches the sky. A misfit saved by grace He took my place on the cross that day to erase the case that my ways would have placed.
The line “Life of dominion No condemnation living in Christ so my life is a mystery”
Tells us of the reward of testifying to God’s goodness.

The intro sounds like an instrumental produced by Kevin Bond the side bass drum the 
The transition into the Nigerian dance hall beat pattern is so hard to notice ,this is an instrumental for folks that don't like the Nigerian dancehall or Afro pop beats, you ll hardly notice the transition , 
The banging bass kicks 
Constant snare huts all through the instrumental , which is key in the dance hall rhythm 
An eastern nigerian bass guitar line will make this instrumental 100%
Bizzle from holy grail said -"you thought Christian rap was sour , you going learn a day "
Did I get that line right ???
I'm just tryna say . Christian music ain't boring.
Shout out to Octave and Skweird for Co producing this.

So when we play that music there is really no applause Our music they don’t hear Too much wax in their ears
 This line talks about the worldview of truth hate. Simply put , They Love the flow, but don’t like the message .
Or maybe it’s because of the beef for our God This is music that uplifts Elevator music We were down and filthy Till we realized who love is He is like a drug in my veins So my life reflects the hero in
Drugs in my veins, Hero in , Heroine.
Don’t get it twisted like some lemon in the spirit; When Christ the hero is in your veins, you going be Turnt. Highest mode, higher than that that weed stacks going get anyone n..
You were made for a cause Not to be living the life of a clone And every time of your life is a price So live your life as a light in the dark
This line tells you again as Christians about your ultimate purpose. Its Living the good life like Trip Lee said in his Track “Robot-I am not your robot, I am not a clone, You are not my puppeteer and I am not a drone, Got a new master and I follow Him alone, I want a good life till I'm gone”
In a Nut shell, He’s telling us to Live the good life . Infiltrate everywhere, get water in the soil, get the good news in their hearts core.

The xylophone like sound coupled with the piano notes at the intro brings you to that church setting 
The slow strings synth also fits well in there . 
No doubt the constant hi hats keeps the tempo up . 
Sounding like a heat academy with boi 1da 
The attack and delay on the hats in the chorus have some indescribable effects!!!!!! Dope . 
20:20 vision line has got some cool saw-wave sound 
Great track by Encore!
Also get the hard copy to get the remix by Octave

“I searched from d east to the west side still there’s no one greater than the most high he got me wondering why his son died for all creation when we chose lies he is so real so evidently he loved us when we denied him he is merciful like barca’s ball team his rain falls on good and wicked he runs d world no usain bolt mercy and wrath”
Figures of speech in play here as 4runner tries to explain God’s greatness.
 “yeah i’m talking about d greatest who can shake d world with his greatness who can speak d light in d darkness who can still the storm with a sentence who consumes with fire all the wicked plus he made us marvel like the x-men”
 To be honest not much review here ,4Runner just simply shares his appreciation of YHWH’s greatness.

The echo repeat effect on Henrisoul's intro can easily turn one off the song . 
Great attack on the first verse ,delivery great , 
Here comes another Nigerian dance hall instrumental , well crafted , the background piano rolls on probably the 5th octave is keeps the melody in your ears . 
Seems like there's a square lead on the high octaves in this instrumental . Which blends well with the pads. 
Again a bass guitar with the Eastern nigeria rythm to sequence with the banging bass in the chorus would have killed this beat , 
Do you hate the bass that much 
Nice instrumental by DJ Nobong

“Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well”
 4Runner , here reminds us of that Old saying , if we want to infiltrate , we should do it well , with all our might , no delay , no procrastination , leave the persecution , leave the weather situation , leave the condemnation , get to infiltration. By infiltration we take over.
Screaming “You can’t stop me” Andy Mineo
It’s a goal .We Only say that when we score a goal .
Samnem here tells us about his celebration of taking over the opponent’s field, with the True Light from God with the catapult also. If David could Overcome Goliath with the sling , then a catapult is no small weapon
 Yes we all know that Unstoppable album by 2Face Idibia. I really do not see the essence of that line, We are not taking over by dancing in the clubs probably on the poles, keeping Moly in our Sippy, you might be like, hey ,Jay tone it down Jesus chilled with the sinners, yeah but C’mon call a spade a spade.
In terms of the context used Unstoppable is way cool, but darkness is just the absence of light, We all know, 2Baba ain’t bringing light to the dark places, by their fruits you shall know them . . well you might say I’m Judging , but when your favourite rapper says you ain’t a man unless your chain is platinum , that aint nothing yeah-.Bizzle (@MyNameIsBizzle)
Probably the use of “I’m Unstoppable , kii se bi ti 2Baba” in place of I’m Unstoppable 2Baba” will fit well.
To my bro 2Face, I was a fan of you, before I came across the 116, team , GOM Team, High Society team, Mighty Mighty Humble Beast Team , etc I love You and will continue to pray for you .
Watch out its an invasion taking over your radio Your tv shows, phones, ipods and stereos Provabs here takes us to the word invasion in Christian Hip Hop. The theme song of the alien Nation, from Trip Lee’s Invasion.The WLAK team , ( We Live As Kings) also referenced this song
 We are aliens to this world as Christians and we are Invading .infiltrating everywhere with the good news.
 We standing on the rock of ages , Our Rock of salvation .
The summary of what we are saying We taking over the land There is no need for praying
 No no no no no no ,
 As Christian rappers, our words mean a lot to our Listeners, even if we do not mean what is being interpreted ,we might be sending the wrong message.
 Provabs said the summary of what we are saying is we need no prayers , That’s what the listener goes home with .
 Colossians1:3-12 tells us about Paul’s prayer of thanksgiving so even when we think we have overcome, It doesn’t necessarily mean we need not pray.

I heard this instrumental and the 808s take me back to the intro on this EP, the drum hits crazy , 
Who got the timpani like sound sounding like hitting a Milo Tin with a stick , sounds natural ,replacing the snares.
808s really took over this song shout out to GameManBeatzJockeyz and Encore! For co-producing this hit

And I’m trying to impact The dudes in these pacts Who pack a pack of dimes Money in all their rhymes Dropping the name tags With stamps of price tags in their bags
 Here 4Runner tells us that same thing Bizzle has been emphasizing .
 It’s not Money Over Everything , Its God Over Money, Christ Over Fame.
Shout Out to the #GOM team
Like the title says NTS Freestyle NOTE TO SELF
 Here 4Runner is keeping himself in check not to be carried away

This you takes you back to the introduction of rap , 
Hip hop origin like beat 
Great natural sounds 
The 7-note brass on repeat taking you BACK IN TIME to pulling down the walls of Jericho with the brass and other horns 
The EP should have ended with amother tone , not with this kinda beat that sets you all geared up to hear the next track . All to hear nothing again. 
Great beat by Encore! Another Perfect Instrumental.
In Summary , Its a great EP, great Message , I really appreciate the work of the producers on this EP.

To My brother 4Runner, I love you bro #plentyHomo..
The Name is Jay, I Represent Christ #iRapChrist #iRepChrist


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