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Two events have actually made me realise how "funnyly" we appreciate people. Our vice chancellor was changed, and that was when sweet words and vocabulary accolades were bestowed on her by students but meanwhile while she was on seat, whenever she came to speak, we will all be like" this woman has come again". The most hilarious of them all was when our dean of students' affairs was changed. He had a unique calabar or akwa ibom accent and whenever he spoke we always mocked mimicked his accent, we were always ready to counter whatever announcement he made. But funny enough when he was called up to handover properly we all gave a standing ovation and said really sweet words about him. I feel its better to say those sweet words whenever the person is still on seat or when it will really matter cos it "gingers" the person to want to serve more or give more of himself. Its funny that wonderful things are said about a person during his funeral rather than when he was living. Show your appreciation to someone now...... I appreciate you who has taken time to read my blog..Thanks
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Make the most out of your life and follow your heart. Cos you've got only one of those.
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Take fashion to an extreme level by color blocking your nails.


Above is a short clip from the movie “Three Idiots” that should be watched.
Don't get it twisted, school is a beautiful thing. What I want to point out today is something that should be a concern to students of our time. We were handed our assignments and told it was free 5 marks as long as you submitted it when it was called for. To my uttermost surprise I started hearing screams of “Yes! Yes! Ah! Free five marks, thank you Jesus” and this really shows how we indeed learn. Schooling has become a battle of getting grades and gathering trophies, and of recent heaping professional certifications with the aim of landing a good job and embarking on a well-paid career. The student’s mind is focused on reaching a particular percentage rather than actually learning and this makes the schooling process more like a Gas turbine – so much pressure to get an output. There’s no point killing yourself and becoming like “silencer” of 3 Idiots, if your time and energy is spent accumulating wonderful grades and meanwhile, grades are just an account of points earned through activities that are influenced by artificial deadlines, writing an exam you probably crammed over night for etc. and then when it comes to applying what you supposedly got an A for, it looks like you didn't go to school. I rather prefer going to school with the aim of being educated because when I pass I know it’s a measure of how I understood what was taught and if I fail it’s also a measure of how I understood what was taught Instead of just being taught how to get good grades. Education should be about being relevant in the modern world, nothing more nothing less. If I have a PhD in mass communication and when I speak, people have to wear bullet proofs on their ears because of what’s coming out, I feel my PhD would just be a mockery. If I only learn/cram what is taught in the classroom, I would make a very good scholar-someone who knows the technique in answering Examination questions, who knows where the teacher is most likely going to ask questions from- but I might not make a very good input to the society. Rancho in 3 Idiots said “Follow excellence and success would follow you pants down”. Study to become a better individual, study to become enlightened, and finally study to be of relevance to your society.
 So, schooling- which is my definition of just accumulating grades in a school- is absolutely unnecessary but education is highly relevant. 
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After the death of the then Chief justice of Nigeria, Bola Ige, a lot was said about bringing the killers to book but till this day nothing and absolutely nothing has been done. So many deaths have occurred with the killers going scot free, the most painful of them all is the Aluu4- Tekena, Ugonna, Chiadika and Michael. We might not be able to bring their killers to book but we sure can fight for a petition to prohibit mob justice. Click here to make your voice heard, to prohibit jungle justice and to restore law and order. Enough of this unnecessary killings!!!
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I was writing a note and I got stuck when it was time for me to spell unnecessary. I didn't know whether it was double n or double c or double s cos I was used to right clicking in Microsoft word and choosing the right spelling so far as I had an idea of how to spell the word without necessarily knowing the exact spelling. Technology really can't substitute for basic knowledge. Just like Dreamweaver really can't substitute for a basic knowledge of html.
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I've always wondered what the hype was about apple products especially the IPad and IPhone. My issue with apple products came when a friend of mine had an IPod whose battery was worn out and needed to be replaced; I turned the back, as you would when you want to change a device’s battery and discovered that changing it was like solving:
In other words, you probably can't change the battery yourself unless you take it to an apple shop which will cost more than the IPod, so you are left with no other option than to buy a new device.

My second palaver is with the ITunes sync of everything concerning the IPad and IPod. You must install applications from ITunes, you must sync your pictures with ITunes, you must sync your music with ITunes and blah blah blah. I get really amused when I see people with android devices just left click and send their songs to the music folder on their devices. What’s with the apple protocol?

My third palaver is apples way of bringing you back to bondage after you’ve decided to be free. I’ll explain. You jailbreak your device to break free from apple’s bondage and install third party apps but then apple develop software updates to bring you back to step one- which is bondage.

My last palaver is with the unnecessary overpricing of apple products. Why buy an apple laptop for 250,000 Naira when I can buy an Alienware which is obviously better than a MacBook for 250,000 Naira also.

I guess I should have asked this question before writing this up: “Why exactly do you buy an apple product”?

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It all started when my dad deposited 20,000 Naira in my account. I went to the bank to withdraw the money  and on getting there i discovered that my account balance was 19,800 Naira. What!!!!! where did my 200 Naira go???. So i approached the cashier and asked him what happened to my money and he told me the most shocking statement i've ever heard. He told me the 200 Naira was a bank charge for "upcountry transfer" meaning, if you open your account in Ogun state and someone payed into the account from Lagos, 200 Naira would be deducted. I was baffled and wondered whether a taxi is chartered to bring my money from lagos branch to Ogun branch as if the bank branches are not networked. But then I remembered this is Nigeria where anything and everything goes. #SO SAD
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I held a friend of mine's hand and looked into her eyes when she was really down and needed someone to talk to, All i saw in her eyes were God's expertise and thoughtfullness when he created the woman.
Appreciate the women around you because they bring warmth to the world. A special one for OKOYE CHIOMA
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Real Oddities

Reverse High Heels. I think its a very good torture device


My heart was shattered few moments ago as I watched the massacre of 4 students from the University of Portharcourt. No crime committed on earth warrants such brutal exercise. May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace and may God forgive their killers.

Versatile Blogger Award: Courtesy of Relentless Builder

Wow!!!, the Versatile Blogger Award was passed on to me by Relentless Builder and i'm really excited. A very special thanks to her. I'm supposed to fulfill these criterion to accept the award:

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Let's move to item 2.

7 Random facts about me
  1. I love color blue.
  2. I'm a fan of good relationships.
  3. I really love thinking big.
  4. I'm good looking *winks*.
  5. I only speak English. Queen's English to be precise.
  6. I'm tall- 6feet 2inches.
  7. I can be really shy at times.

 Nominated Blogs
They are not really new to blogging though;

  1. Femiconnects
  2. Ofilispeaks.com
  3. lindaikeji
  4. bbrepublic.com
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I'm opportuned to be offering a course named control systems with Electrical Engineering, ICT and Computer Engineering. But unfortunately its a very large class in a really small classroom and if you don't sit within the first six rows you could as well bring your bed to class. So, yesterday I and a friend of mine didn't make the first six rows so we just went to the back and looked for a vacant sit. While we were there, he told me he was going to look for a sit at the front but I told him it was already filled but he went anyway. He got the sit at the front and benefitted immensely from the lecture while I was at the back looking forward to the end of the lecture. Point is, unless you are ready to go the extra mile, unless you are ready to look for opportunities where they seem not to be, unless you are ready to dig deep, you might be among the class of people who think life is unfair
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I say today, friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, we still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the Nigerian Dream.

I have a dream that one day this Nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its Anthem:" To serve with heart and might, to build a Nation where peace and justice shall reign".

I have a dream that one day on the hills and valleys of Obudu, that Christians, Muslims and other Religious belief will be able to sit down together at a table of Brotherhood.

I have a dream that one day even Kaduna, Jos and Bauchi, states engrossed with crisis and religious violence will be transformed into a paradise of love, freedom and justice.

I have a dream that Nigerians will one day live in a Nation where they will not be judged by their tribe or Religion but by their inherent capabilities bestowed on them by God. I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day the house of Assembly and all positions of power whose members are constantly pursuing their own interest and the interest of their families will be taken over by men and women who will render selfless service to this great Nation. I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day whether we bring our enemies to justice or bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done.