Saturday 8 November 2014 0 comments

God Doesn't Have a P*nis

We as humans have the natural tendency to blame something, some place, an event, our background whatever it is for our current situations. Not realising that our life is what we make of it. 
For a young person, you can say your parents forced you to choose a particular career. Fine that happens but there's always going to be a point where you have to take responsibility for your actions and inactions and at that point you cant keep saying my parents caused this. You have the power to make or mar your beautiful future.

I remember a quote I heard during a mentoring session  it goes;
"When we are young we look like our parents, when we grow old we look like our choices"
God cannot screw you. He can't screw your marvellous future. But he has given in us the ultimate power in the world; CHOICE
Make the most out of your time on Earth, it's Limited.