Thursday 10 July 2014

A marvelous clutter of Scriptures, with a messed up story

Once there was a man traveling from jericho to Jerusalem and he fell among thorns and it choked him; as he went on, he dint have money, and he met the queen of Sheba, and she gave him a thousand talents of gold and a hundred changes of raiment; he got into a chariot and drove off furiously; when he was driving under a juniper tree, his hair caught on the branch and he hung there many days and night and the ravens brought him food and. Water.

 He ate 5000 loaves of bread and 2 fishes, one night he was hanging there asleep and his wife Delilah came along and cut off his hair, and he dropped and fell on stony ground; but Got up and went on, then it began to rain, and it rained 40days and 40 nights; and he hid himself in a cave and lived on locust and wild honey. Then he met a servant who said, come take supper at my home; but he made an excuse saying 'am sorry I just married, and cant go' but the servant compelled him and he went. 

After supper he went on, and came down to Jericho. When he got there, he looked up and saw queen Jezebel sitting up the window and she laughed at him, and he said 'throw her down' and they threw her down. And he said 'throw her down again'. And they threw her down seventy times seven times. And of the fragments that remained they picked twelve baskets full, beside women and children. And they said blessed are the 'piece makers '. Now whose wife do you think she'll be on the judgement day?''. So much for Bible twisting in Our churches today.

Source: Ravi Zacharias


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