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At last ohhhh... the episode is out. The name had to change from fi5e to 9ine......
Please give your feedback and recommendations, also suggest questions we could possibly ask next time.

Thank you so much.....
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The very first episode of fi5e comes out on Thursday, 28th of February 2013. Fi5e is a five minutes show on topical issues treated with questions. This first episode asks the question: "Can you date a broke guy?". watch out for it.


You know i really get upset when i ask people what plan they have after school and they are like; well, my parents say i should do a master's degree then i'll probably do a PhD then do an MBA then most probably get a job. The problem is not in getting the degrees and accolades, the problem is: those are not your plans for your life, they are your parents' plan for your life. If you want to do all that, its fine. Your parents should guide you on the path of life not ride you on the path of life.
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Go beyond dreaming and wishing, work hard like everything depends on working and pray hard like everything depends on prayer........
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In life, do we always get what we want? Indeed we have needs and pressing issues you can’t always satisfy, but we strive to be contended with what we have.
Trust, why is it so difficult to find someone to trust; irrespective of what you have, who you are, who you are with. Is there any need to trust, one might ask. Life seems so sweet when you are alone with family , but it is also sweeter (pardon the word) when there is someone who cares to listen to what you have to say, who cares for you, who will appreciate what you do and help you stand on your feet when you fall. But is there such a person?

Some say I LOVE YOU but there is more to loving someone, it’s sweet when someone says I LOVE YOU, but love is not just a mere word, but sacrifice. But do they really love you or is it just a rite to say when you are in a relationship with someone? Well life is not all it seems to be but indeed you have the right to write down your life the way you want it to be. Life is not a bed of roses, even roses have thorns but what keeps a man after such great fall, after such comments from friends and people. Is it encouragement, fear of failing in the future or wanting to prove that he is not a failure? A wise man said when fear knocks at the door faith opens the door and you will find that there is no one there. Life is not a competition but the strive to be at the top is always there.

What makes a man fail after much encouragement for success? is it the ability of not looking above his present state and look at the future? some say its the mind set of determination, but sometimes you find determination but also regrets for failing the first time. The race is not to the swift nor to the strong. It is not how well you started but how well you ended the race. Nothing does good than self encouragement. Many have died full of potential. Why? because of the fear of trying again.

By: Sandra Amarachi


Super Eagles National Honour
I love the Super Eagles so much, they made us extremely proud and by God's grace they won the AFCON. The part that is leaving me bewildered is the presentation of National Honours, Land and Money by the Government of Nigeria to the Super Eagles.
This is an excerpt from Linda Ikeji's blog 
Coach Stephen Keshi - Commander of the Order of Niger. N10million. Plot of land in Abuja.
Asst Coach Daniel Amokachi - Officer of the Order of Niger. N5m. Plot of land in Abuja
Asst Coach Ike Shorumu - Officer of the Order of Niger. N5m. Plot of land in Abuja
Captain Joseph Yobo - Officer of the Order of Niger. N5million. Plot of land in Abuja
Super Eagles players - Member of the Order of Niger. N5million. Plot of land in Abuja
Technical crew - N2 million
Do we just dole out Commander of the Order of Niger? or give plots of land just like that? it means there's no real worth in all these National honours. All the Super Eagles players including those that played and those that did not, are holders of National Honours, lol!!!!. The big men of Nigeria are already fattening the Eagles by giving them lots of cash. The problem is; giving them cash and pumping money on them is shortsightedness, why don't we revamp the sports sector and make Nigerian football worth watching.

I still love my Country jare, we are filled with everyday drama......

(Happy Valentine's day, By the way)
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I really have to give a big kudos to the Super Eagles for their exclusive performance in the just concluded AFCON. Initially I was expecting them to return home sooner than today but they have really impressed us by defeating Burkina faso 1 goal to nil.
But its funny i'm now hearing shouts of Nigeria is my country, I love Nigeria, Nigeria is tight and the rest. I pity all of you lol. This is just a couple of days after president Jonathan was interviewed on CNN and we didnt spare any words on our beloved country (I'm saying beloved country now). But really Nigeria is the best country in the world, you may not like us, but you cant deny our effect.
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Iweanya Victor

Nothing in life should ever have the licence to take your smile away........ Smile always, you don't know who is being blessed .......
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Nigeria has impressed us thus far in the ongoing AFCON, but what are your predictions for today's match with Mali at 4pm?

My prediction is: Nigeria 2  -   Mali 1
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In order to sustain a great  relationship, this should be the don'ts;

  1. Never play to win: What I mean is; never be in a destructive competition with your partner. Compete to build each other up.
  2. Never distrust: The beginning of the decline in Trust in a relationship is the beginning of the end of that relationship be it friendship or romantic relationship.
  3. Don't stop talking: Talk about what annoys you, talk about what you don't like in fact talk about everything and anything. Keeping quiet reflects a lack of trust. You are not accusing your partner, you are discussing with your partner.
  4. Don't stop listening: Listening is really hard ohhhhh.... listening is paying rapt attention without any interruption and deciphering every word spoken by your partner
  5. Don't stop working on your relationship: Because you guys love each other doesn't mean everything would be like me(SWEET). You need to work on the relationship and make it grow.
Relationships are a beautiful thing, it has a very positive effect if its a right relationship. Try as much as possible never to do any of the above mentioned "DON'Ts"
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