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2012 has come and gone and we are now ushered into the new year. All the things you couldn't achieve in 2013 , many more shall you achieve this new year.

But remember, 2013 is not a year of magical happenings; if you were wise in 2012 you probably will be wise or wiser in 2013, if you were otherwise; the same applies.

I love you so much. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! MUAH!!!!!!!!!!
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The fact that you were a student of Covenant University, makes me feel like I've lost a family member. You left here earlier than us doesn't make us any better than you. Your close friends call you a rare gem, you were a beauty to behold.

On behalf of the students of Covenant University, we pray that God Almighty gives your family and friends the fortitude to bear this huge loss.

We love you deeply but it can't be compared to the love God has for you

Cleopatra Omabuwa was a 200 level student in Covenant University.
(May the soul of the faithful departed, rest in perfect peace)
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I'm Iweanya Victor and not Linda Ikeji so I'll spare you some obscenities.
If the idea of a carnival is showcasing body parts in ridiculously dynamic ways I'll be on the run whenever I hear the name "Carnival"..... It takes a strong man to remain sane after a view at the calabar carnival....


So, I'll be writing a little on what I feel keeps a relationship strong.. Is it money, sex, God, Allah, Budha, Love or whatever you name it? I don't think the answer is in the aforementioned options...

What I feel keeps a relationship strong is KNOWLEDGE; yes KNOWLEDGE. Have you not heard of cases where a man and his wife get divorced and they love each other so much? or cases where the woman says: "I love him but I can't live with him". Love is not the problem in these cases, KNOWLEDGE is.

Knowledge of how to treat a lady, Knowledge of her likes and dislikes, Knowledge of your individual roles in the relationship, Knowing that you don't know and working towards knowing, Knowledge of communication principles... The list could go on and on.
Apart from love and God being present in a relationship, KNOWLEDGE is a unique ingredient in the total package....
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I really want to recognise and appreciate the following people on this last friday of the year 2012...

1. Okoye Chioma
2. Egeonu Jesse
3. Fadeyi Fayokemi
4. Owonam Enobong
5. James Emmanuel
6. Chika Ike
7. Obi Nonso
8. Alex Oburoh
9. Adeniran Bimbo
10. Odefadehan Emmanuel
11. Nwaozuzu Kelechi
12. Ekeh Kelechi
13. Ubanyi David
14. Fademi Jacob
15. Olushola Daniel
16. Matilda Seun
17. Mariam (Kelechi's Friend) lol
18. Obi Ziteife
19. Iren Emmanuel
20. Olatunji Emmanuel
21. Laura-belle Chinenye
22. Olutola Dolapo
23. Shalom Inwalome
24. Hunjenukon Seyide
25. Abba Daniel
26. Uwaoma Ebuka
27. Relentless Builder
28. Okechukwu Ofili
29. Linda Ikeji
30. Pastor Victor Oluwadamilare
31. Pastor Austin Emakpor
32. All Mechanical Engr students, CU
33. All ATU Members
34. My fellow Countrymen.

You guys are the best, looking forward to a successful 2013.. Peace y'all..


With barely three days to the new year, a review of our actions in 2012 is highly necessary. Its no doubt that Nigeria was on autopilot, with the pilot and his crew looking desperately to gain control of the aircraft. Nigerians got their ears irritated with so many sanctimonious speeches and thus we became an epitome of "Talk is cheap".

Fuel Subsidy removal: Nigerians wouldn't be in a hurry to forget this day;January 1st, 2012 as this was the day our aircraft started going off course. We woke up to be rudely injected with the venomous substance of fuel subsidy removal. A lot of promises were made on what the funds gotten from subsidy removal would be used for but really what can we see? People died protesting for their rights; but we are used to people dying in vain in Nigeria.

Plane Crashes: The first plane crash this year occurred on March 14, when a helicopter conveying the newly promoted Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Haruna John, and three other senior police officers crashed in Jos.
June 3 saw the highly avoidable air crash of Dana airlines killing all 153 passengers on board and 10 people on the ground.
Still in june, a cargo plane attempting to take off from Ghana, crashed killing 10 people and injuring many more.
October 25, the Governor of Yola state crashed in his private jet in a hill in Adamawa. Luckily nobody died.
December 15, a Navy helicopter crashed in Bayelsa state killing all on board including some dignitaries.

ALUU killings: In October, four students of the University of Port Harcourt were gruesomely killed. They were; Ugona Kelchi Obuzor, 200 level Geology; Biringa Lordson, 200 level Theatre Arts; Mike Lloyd; 200 level Civil Engineering and Tekena Erikena. They were falsely accused of stealing a Laptop and were pounced on by a retarded group of people.

Fires, Massacres, Accidents, Kidnappings, Floods, Jonathan's gift to UNILAG, Olympics flop and so many written and unwritten tragedies.
The issue is not brooding about this events but how can we see a change in 2013? Sanctimonious vague speeches is definitely not the solution.

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I was walking along my street a couple of days back; and the next thing I heard was a very loud "gbooom". I looked for the nearest cover anticipating some men with masks and ammunition, only to see small children laughing at me; I was so mad but I had to laugh along with them lest I fall my hand.

I've always wondered since then; how a loud sound capable of cancelling a hypertensive patient be signifying celebration. You can't even differentiate a gunshot from some type of bangers. I know we are still primitive and can't appreciate the beauty of fireworks that go into the sky and emanate very beautiful lights but would rather stick to heart shattering sounds which are not even permitted in the countries that make them.

I love festive periods, in fact they are best times of the year, but bangers; no way. Beautiful fireworks exist even if we must play with fire in the name of celebration.....
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It's Christmas again! Love and togetherness make the Christmas season all the more special. Spread the warmth of your heart into the lives of others.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas.
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Life is too short;
1. To hate people.
2. Not to dream big.
3. Not to love.
4. To pay attention to what everyone feels about you.
5. Not to smile.
6. To cry over your past.
7. To wish you were someone else.
8. Not to stand when you fall.
9. To see yourself as a failure.
10. Not to live life.................

"Everyone dies but not every lives"....
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I was just enjoying the book of genesis a couple of weeks back, and then this interesting story of Jacob, Laban and Rachel struck my mental faculty.

Jacob practically waited for fourteen years for the woman of his dreams, if I were to be Jacob that would be; 1* + 14=3* chai!!!!!!. I asked myself matter-of-factly, "can I possibly do that?" and my answer was "*************". He probably was in the friendzone for that long lol....

But Ýou, yes you reading this post, can you wait for a lady for at least 4 years???
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Its just funny how we can be funny.... " By mayan calendar the world is supposed to end today.... Blah Blah Blah".

I guess when patience begins to speak Queens english then we know for sure the world is ending..... Enjoy your Christmas and new year joor!!!!
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I'm still in the school of thought that Nigeria's problem is that of leadership but I just want to glance a little at the followers.

Interestingly, our leaders aren't shipped from neighbouring Chad or faraway Dubai or even imported from space, they are gotten from a follower base. A follower base that is ready to burn human beings just by hearing the scream of "thief, thief, ole". A follower base that will see a one lane road and then create three lanes. A follower base that will see a one way road and drive against traffic. A follower base in which people do things and don't care of the adverse effect. A follower base who will keep quiet and look away when the leaders are misbehaving; its no wonder our leaders don't give a damn about their actions when they know it always ends beneath the carpet.

I don't want to talk much since I said I was just taking a peek at the followers.
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We never really knew each other and never spoke more than two words per month; yes and no, but its very late to wish for a change now.
Your untimely exit from this world has left so many questions on my mind that I don't want to start answering lest I become more confused. I've learnt a lesson the hard way; life is too short not to connect with people and leave a print in their lives

The unique thing about life is; we meet to part and part to meet somewhere a lot better. Mr yinka, not knowing you before now is something I regret a lot. We love you but your creator loves you more. Rest in perfect peace yinka.

Mr. Olaniyi Olayinka was a student of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Covenant University, Ota.

(May the soul of the faithful departed through the mercies of God rest in perfect peace)
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I remember this indomie hungry man size advert that the guy said something like;

"When I was little, indomie gave me 50 grams"
"I grew up and they gave me super pack"
"I grew much older and they gave me indomie hungry man size"
"I wonder what indomie would give me next?". (This is highly paraphrased)

In the same light, when I was young, the newspapers carried news of corruption in hundreds of thousands, I grew up a little and they carried news of corruption in millions, I'm now a young adult and they are carrying news of corruption in billions.

I wonder what the newspapers would carry next??????
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I remember the 1st time I heard about the friendzone; I was quite young and couldn't really understand what it meant but as I grew older; I began to understand what it meant.

For those of us that may not know what this zone is; I'll give a definition I consider most appropriate. A guy is said to be in the friend zone when he either "wants to go out with" or "is in love with" a girl (who only sees him as a "friend" or as a "brother" or in favourable cases, a "bestfriend") that keeps leading him on OR doesn't want 2 let him go and in worst case scenarios; she leads him on AND doesn't want 2 let him go.

There's not much to be said about this zone but from observation; its been seen that the zone is not a pleasant place to be In. Mostly because the guy in question keeps hurting and the girl has no idea how much hurt she's causing.

Ladies... Guys do not like being in the zone and I'd advice us to as much as possible; keep 'em out of there.

And Finally Guys; when she starts referring to u as her "friend" or her "brother" or as her "bestie"; Please RUN!!!!!!.

Some guys would rather remain in the friend zone than be out of the girls life; I've got news for you bro: there's a girl out there who's ready to love you more than you ever imagined. So; leave that zone and go find that special girl.

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I just love the words on this picture, it reminds me of our individual uniqueness. Come on why try to fit in when you were born to stand out.
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Of late, I've been trying to be more patriotic- buying made in Nigeria goods, appreciating Nigerian art and the rest- so I decided to give one last shot at Nigerian movies but I guess I made a huge mistake. There are very good movies that exists like ije and the rest but this movie was completely innocent of sense. Since I'm working on having the american-like patriotic attitude, I guess I would just give suggestions instead of condemning the movies.

1. THE TITLE: the title of most Nigerian movies are depressing. Not everything should have babes attached to it eg DESPERATE BABES, MIGHTY BABES, GALLANT BABES only to name a few. The titles should be more creative

2. STORY LINE: if there is no story line please a camera should not be touched. Its not fair tormenting innocent people with story lines that are grey matter depleting.

3. CAMERA QUALITY: Technology is fast advancing and we shouldn't be left behind. Imagine, most of our movies are competing with the camera quality used to shoot SOUND OF MUSIC and HOME ALONE.

There are great Nigerian movies that exist but if you compare the number of good movies to the number of films produced in a year then you will realise we've not gone anywhere. Priority should be given to quality than quantity.
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The media of recent has been bombarded with news on nigerians especially pastors who own private jets. I don't just understand the grievance. The pastor who has been shot very well with accusations and allegations on this issue is bishop David Oyedepo. But i ask myself, a pastor who has branches of his church in over 100 countries of the world and is always on demand to speak at various engagements and can afford to meet the demands on him by purchasing a private jet is now committing sin?

People say the pastors are supposed to exemplify Christ, but I ask, the highest form of transportation then were animals and didn't jesus ride on an animal? I can assure you that jesus dressed properly and wore expensive perfume. Imagine a pastor telling you God is good, he provides for his people and then he looks like he has not eating for a week. Or are the blessings of deutronomy reserved for only non preachers?

Another set of people claim that the money spent on the jets can be used to develop the country. You really don't want to know how many secondary schools, primary schools and universities are run by the living faith commission, how many community development initiatives have been executed by the commission. I'm not just blindly defending him, I'm speaking because there are proofs.

If we claim we are christians, then we should know that nothing can work against the truth. If the jets are hampering God's work, then I can assure you that the ministries would have ended long time ago. If you are in doubt you can read God's general and see ministries that have ended on issues smaller than private jets.
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Don't worry I'll explain the picture.... This question over the years is beginning to get extinct. I remember in the mid 90's and late 90's, we always look forward to this period of the year, so much chicken, new clothes, mad Shades and wrist watches but now, economy before extended family.. That's why I've taken it upon myself to ask you what you want for christmas.. You might just be surprised..

For me, I just want the smile of that lady above for christmas.
Ps: Btw my BB pin is 28D75758.......
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I believe there is a purpose for singleness, its a time to grow, discover yourself and have a sense of direction. But how long should I be single? When is the right time to date?
Taking time to seek the opinion of others, I got different views, some weird and funny while some interesting and insightful.
1. Some said 18 years is the appropriate time.
2. Some said while you are in university.
3. Some said secondary school.
4. A weird group said primary school.
5. Some said when your done with schooling
6. The last group said maturity and balance are the fundamentals.
I kind of agree with the last group of people because relationships don't last because there is love, they last because there is knowledge. But what do you think?

By: Ogbiti Colette
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I want to give a special yuletide shout out to the following people who have made me who I am today or have contributed to something connected to me or just deserve a shout out;
Okoye Chioma, Iren Emmanuel, Obi Zite, Egeonu Jesse, Fadeyi Kemi, Owonam Enobong, Ogbiti Colette, Kelechi Nwaozuzu, Olufemi Joy, Elendu Ziquin, Okereke Nnamdi, Matilda seun, Okechukwu Ofili, Relentless builder and a lot more other people.
You guys are the best.... You guys inspire me a lot.
Thank you so much
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Don't touch that dial

Due to a lot of unavoidable circumstances, blogging continues on monday 10th dec.
Thank you guys so much for reading my blog.
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On my way to  lagos on saturday, i saw on the cover pages of all the newspapers "Ojukwu's will shocks Bianca" and i was like how does this affect Nigeria's GDP?? aren't there pressing issues to cover a cover page than a will only his family members will enjoy..
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It all started one faithful morning (take note, morning) when i met a friend of mine along the road,  this was the conversation that ensued;

Victor: Hey friend good to see you
Friend: Hey!!!! victor, how was your day??

Common, how can you be asking how was your day in the morning???

Second scenario; We just finished a test and this conversation ensued;

Friend: Hey Victor how was you test?
Victor: Ah!!! Very wonderful

Wait, did you expect me to tell you my test was horrible????
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I came across an article on punch newspaper that read "What is Nigeria's worth beyond oil and gas?" and it really struck me that after the oil and gas is gone, what is going to be left of Nigeria? Are we just going to be a bunch of mediocre who don't have any clue where they are going? or are we going to be a people empowered in all ramifications in life. I think its quite ironic that we just boast of being the tenth largest oil producer,sixth largest exporter of oil etc. but after all these positive rankings where exactly is Nigeria and what is our worth beyond oil and gas?????


Its not enough to have talents, its not enough to have gifts working on those talents and gifts is what makes someone irreplaceable wherever he/she finds him/herself..........
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Did a little search on how ladies can give their nails more sexy beautiful designs and the results below are good examples;

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The most annoying statement goes to him. The statement goes thus " I never promised to reduce poverty, I only promised to create wealth"........
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This post is a reply to a post i saw on The Relentless Builder's Blog.
Well from he picture above, its quite obvious that there are a good number of Gentlemen in Nigeria. But the questions she asked were;

  1. What percentage of them exist?
  2. Would you say the number of gentlemen is on the increase or decline?
  3. Do you think Nigerian gentlemen even exist? What sort of qualities would the 'close-to-perfect' Nigerian gentleman have, in your opinion?
My answers
  1. Well....  I think a good number of them exist because a percentage would be hard to get  considering our population of about 150 million. 
  2. I really don't know how to answer this.
  3. Yes the Nigerian gentlemen exists (from the picture above). The guy must be emphatic, Must be able to know the right thing and when to say it, Must watch his language and must know God. 
You can share your own views by visiting her blog: The Relentless Builder
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I wasn't priviledged to watch the media chat but from all my news sources I have this to say;

  • "I never promised to reduce poverty. I promised to create wealth" are the words of my president. So how do you create wealth and permit poverty to be on the increase? Wow sir but i really don't get the logic behind that.
  • "Before the mid of next year we will fix the power problem" are also the words of my president. Sir, this is not the first time we've heard this.How can you possibly convince us that it will be fixed?
Sir, we all heard the same stories we've been told since the beginning of democracy in Nigeria only that this time "you gave a damn".


Despite the very wrong things I've done in the short time I've lived on earth, it has all contributed to what and where I am today. Grace and the will to move forward is all it takes....
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If you are not going to be faithful or committed to whomever you are dating, please stay single
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Well.... just heard that a young lady recently won the mtn ridiculous wonder promo and Nigerians were applauding MTN for being transparent.... All i can is we have bought trouble cos im sure the next promo will be "WIN A REFINERY". MTN has touched nigeria's soft spot and they are ready to milk our brains dry until we are ready to think... I always wonder why promo's are the reigning thing....

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From my little research about this two phones; HTC Desire HD and Blackberry Torch 9800 my findings are as displayed below;

The Torch has a 3.2” 360×480 touchscreen, whereas the HTC Desire HD packs a whopping great 4.3” 480×800 WVGA touchscreen in comparison. The HTC Desire HD is pleasingly sharp and bright. The BlackBerry Torch 9800, not so much.
winner: HTC

The HTC has a more classy feel than that of the blackberry
Winner: HTC

The HTC has just 1.5gb of internal memory while the blackberry has 4gb of internal memory
Winner: Blackberry

The blackberry app store is the poorest app store that exists. It has just about 10,000 apps while the android app store boasts about 80,000 apps
Winner: HTC

While the HTC Desire HD is far better looking, has a better screen, body, and operating system than the BlackBerry Torch, it’s worth noting that BlackBerry is also good on a few key features, namely, email push, and notifications. (I also heard that whatsapp is even better than BBM).  But i think i'll prefer a HTC.
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I probably wont marry a girl because a girl might not know the value she possesses or what she's worth  I will rather marry a woman;

A woman who knows her value
A woman who is beautiful inside and out
A woman who is a motivator
A woman who laughs
A woman who is God fearing
A woman who has a heart of Gold
A woman who is ever forgiving
A woman who is my role model

and finally a woman who will be proud of me..............
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Live your life for a cause, be so good at what you do that you can't be ignored and let your life express what's inside of you..........
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I have researched deeply and my findings are as displayed below;

It is not a Bartender
It is not a Creeping creature
It is not a Drug addict
It does not sell tear tear wrapper

Obviously the picture below does not depict any of these.

I am a guy who tries to think outside the box. This blog most of the times is about my point of view on most issues and I try to make my weekends a date with my blog.Now that We've officially met so stop admiring my picture and try to read my blog often.

You are most welcome.
Twitter: @Sirr_vic
Facebook:Iweanya victor
Linkedin:Iweanya Victor
BBM: You can sow one in my life.

Concept gotten from the relentless builder

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Luminor 1950 Tourbillon