Tuesday 24 February 2015

Who Are The Rich and Poor in Nigeria? - Social Class Better Explained

The past few weeks has seen me cross the Third Mainland bridge severally and I have come to the grand conclusion that two very different worlds exist at the opposite ends of Third Mainland bridge.
From the supercharged angry atmosphere soaked with sweat and impatience characteristic of the mainland to the tranquility and oyinboishness experienced at the Island, one can only be baffled at the disparity that exists.

After salivating at the structures and automobiles I have seen, I think it would be a great disservice if I don't properly classify our social class and enable people find out where they belong.

1. The Rich
     Examples: Dangote, Otedola, Oniru, Elegushi
This are the class of people allowed to call a Private Jet, a Toy. They are permitted to have hectares of land at Banana island and Eko Atlantic city. They have breakfast at Oriental Hotel, Lunch at Federal Palace Hotel and dinner at Eko Hotel. They are the worthy mentors of the youths. God specifically told me that this is where i'd be.

2. The Rich Middle Class
     Example: Oil Workers
This type of people are my best kind of people. They think they are Dangote. You see them with nice cars, starched white shirts and an air of importance. One good thing though is, when they are sacked or retired they have just enough to setup a business to rescue them from disaster.  (Continue Reading)

3. The Poor Middle Class
    Example: Bankers, Doctors
Bankers and the rest of the people in this class are quite unique. They really think they are rich. They earn just enough to survive. If you take their job, you've taken their life. They are the kind of people you wouldn't want to have as an uncle cos it pains them to see money leave their pockets.

4. The Rich Poor
     Example: Teachers, Jeans sellers, shawarma sellers
Teachers have their reward on Earth. There's a probability their children can become Rich, if that doesn't occur, their reward is properly stored in Heaven. Interestingly, teachers are comforted by the fact that they look good, probably drive a clean car, have a pretty decent office and perhaps sound smart. If only they knew that they earn almost the same salary as the man grilling shawarma on your street.
5. The Poor Poor
    Examples: Corpers, Biscuit sellers
    What can NGN 19,800 do??

6.They need help
    Examples: Windshield wiper hawkers
I really really do not understand this business. Like how much do you expect to realise in a day?? How many people destroy their wipers? well this is apart from NURTW touts workers who demand kindly ask for some proceeds of your day's hardwork.

This is a proper classification of our Social class in Nigeria. I did enough research and I highly recommend that our Social Studies teachers in Secondary Schools update their curriculum.

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