Wednesday 31 August 2016

My Venture Into Football Prediction and How I launched the Best Prediction Site which was the second football prediction website I have developed was born out of unfortunate circumstances. This was a result of usual founder - co founder split that occurs when some degree of funds come in and greed & selfishness sets in. I'd do my best to narrate the story and highlight the lessons you can learn from my experience.

My venture into the football prediction and tips business came in 2014 shortly after I began my youth service in a federal institute - It was a dead place and I had plenty of time. At that time, I had just recently failed at one of my Start - up businesses,, which was supposed to be an online market place for buying, selling and the repairs of computer gadgets and accessories. It was successful to a great extent. I had orders coming in from different parts of Nigeria in a very short time. It was beautiful and I felt I had built the next great thing in Nigeria. I also built Latest Jobs in Nigeria i was a serial Entrepreneur

It wasn't long after, that I started experiencing some serious challenges. The orders increased beyond my expectations and logistics became a huge problem. To cut the long story short, after the domain name expired I had no interest in continuing the business. I was too young to die.

Few weeks after this experience, I was still nursing my wounds when I received a call from a friend who had another friend that wanted to develop a (This is Betloy. My newest prediction site. You thought i'd link to the former? ) This other friend of his had spent time looking for a developer to help build this brilliant idea which many other developers had turned down. I scheduled a meeting with him and I listened to his idea. He wanted a football prediction site that would grow so popular and pull bookmakers to advertise on it. This bookie adverts was going to be the only source of income for this. I told him this can work but let us make it a Netflix subscription model. Let us offer amazing content and reduce the price people pay monthly when compared to other paid football prediction services.

With this, we struck a bond as I showed him that I could pull this off and had better plans of how we could make money from this thing. I got a job in a digital agency shortly after and was balancing doing an 8 - 5 and also building a business at the side. It was thrilling. I had one of the best moments of life looking backwards.

The site was soon finished and we were ready to monetize it. We launched our paid services and the rest was history. We became instant millionaires. But this joy was short-lived.

Our prediction site was very popular and this dream was realized several months after we had launched. But it came with it's own consequences. The idea guy felt it was him that made the business successful because it was his idea from the onset. He made every other person on the team feel blessed to have worked hard to bring the business up to the point it was then. This was bad and everyone felt cheated and robbed. I especially. Because our business would not have been successful if I didn't build the website the way It was built and if i didn't apply the digital marketing skills I had learnt the period I worked in an agency.

We later had a split and I and another friend started another prediction site that was beautiful,intuitive and the best football prediction site in Nigeria and the world. 

Lessons from this experience;

  1. Mutual respect and acknowledgement for Team work is the best way to build a business
  2. Nothing ever truly gets done if people seek to get credit
  3. If you're ever going to start a business with anyone, ensure the terms of the agreement are clearly stated


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